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Protecting your house from Drugstore beetles

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How does it look?

A drugstore beetle is down in colour and oval in shape. Its structure is kind of humped which makes it difficult to identify the head. This beetle is quite a small insect which is about 3 to 3.5 mm long.  They have wings which are covered with parallel lines and rows.

These pests have got their name from the fact that their diet includes certain herbs that have medicinal purposes. Apart from being called drugstore, they are also known as bread beetle or biscuit beetle.

Why do they enter our homes?

Apart from medicinal herbs, these beetles feed on a variety of things. The menu includes dry food items like cereal, spices, macaroni, flour, dry fruits etc. A bread beetle would also feed on things like books, leather, fur, horn etc. Since they can feed on such a huge variety of materials and food items, they could be found in any part of the home. Their reason to enter human dwellings is mostly in search of food and an ideal place for reproducing.

This beetle not only feeds on human food but also lays the eggs on the food itself. The egg remains inside the food item, hatches there and then the larvae grows and feeds inside the item itself. A drugstore beetle remains in the larva stage for several months. Once the larva is completely grown up, it builds a silken cocoon around itself and in a time of two weeks, an adult beetle emerges from the cocoon. This entire reproduction process takes place in the food item itself.

Identification of bread beetle infestation

To confirm if you have a bread beetle infestation or not, you must keep a close watch on all the fry food items and other materials that make for good food source for these pests. Your leather and fur coats, leather sofa sets, book shelves and the books should be thoroughly checked along with the pantry items. Adult bread beetles make a buzzing sound while they fly around or rest in different places.  These pests are also attracted to lights and you will often see them flying around a light source.

Getting rid of these beetles

  1. The most important part of getting rid of a drugstore beetle is to maintain a clean pantry and home. Since you are aware of the different materials that form the beetle’s food, you should pay special attention to these things. Cleaning such items regularly and keeping them dehumidified frequently should help you to maintain a beetle-free environment.
  2. If you find any signs of a bread beetle infestation, make sure you remove the food items immediately. If possible, discard them altogether to get rid of adults, larvae and empty cocoons.
  3. The cabinets and book-shelves suspected to hosting an infestation should be treated with PT-MICROCARE. This is an extremely effective pyrethrin-based aerosol. Apart from this, you could also use DFORCE aerosol.
  4. A beetle control spray is also an effective way of treating the entire house. There are a lot of products available in the market that are effective and odour-less and could be used to treat bedding, furniture, upholstery etc.

In case the above fails, you should definitely contact your local pest control company for desired results.

Details Of The Indian Meal Moth

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What is a meal moth?

Are you looking for Pest Control Pittsburgh? You will find an Indian meal moth in your kitchen, pantry or in the grocery stores. They feed on dry food items like cereal, dry fruit, flour, pet food, dried red pepper etc. they are also known for entering the homes of rats and squirrels to steal their food.  These moths have an attractive by colored wings; the adults have grey colored body with copper color wings. Sometimes you could mistake these pests for clothes moths because meal moths are also attracted to light like the clothes moth.

How much damage can these moths cause?

These moths are generally active during the evening, and they cause a lot of nuisance in the kitchen.  Though the male moths cause more damage the females are responsible for laying the eggs in the food items. Yes, that is very unhygienic and could cause health problems. When the female lays the eggs in the food item it stays there and grows into larvae. When the larvae are grown up enough they come out of the food material that they were hidden inside and then find a safe place to develop their cocoon. These larvae could enter the sealed and unopened food packages, and these larvae are the ones who could provide you with signs of an infestation. When these larvae eat something they leave webbing on the food item, this webbing is your sign for an Indian meal moth infestation, and that is when you should start to take preventive and pest control measures.

Get rid of these moths

There are different measures that you could take to prevent these moths from entering your home. Here are a few options;

Keep your kitchen clean

The most important step that will prevent these moths from making their way into your kitchen is to keep it clean and all the dry food items well packed. Also make sure that all the dry items like cereal, pasta, macaroni, flour etc. are not always kept air tight. These pests can find their way through the air tight containers as well. So, the best measure would be to once in a while open the containers and let some air and light get through to the foods and again pack then back in, this will keep the food items fresh and healthy.

Block the cracks and gaps

These moths enter the house through gaps and cracks that they find in your house. Close all the windows, doors and the screens by late afternoon so that these moths do not get to enter the house. Keeping the porch light and kitchen light turned off as much as possible is also a good step to not attract Indian meal moth.



Use traps

There are traps available in the market that could effectively catch the male moths. The common ones are revenge pantry pest traps and pro pest pheronet pantry pest trap, these traps are effective and easy to use.

Apart from using all these measures you could also call an exterminator Pittsburgh to help get rid of these menacing and unhygienic moths.

All About Yellow Jackets

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Check out this article for more information on an Exterminator Pittsburgh. Yellow jacket is a wasp that has been named after its body color. Sometimes they are mistaken for a bee because they look quite alike but actually they are a kind of wasp. They are about 12 mm long while the queen is a litter bigger at 19 mm. They live in colonies and feed on insects and pollinate flowers. Mostly you will see them in summer when they emerge in search of the sweet food that they readily get from humans. It is all the outdoor picnic and barbeque that attracts these wasps to your house.

Where do they live?

These wasps generally build their nests underground but you could also find a nest in the attic, hollow of a tree, fallen piece of log, porch ceiling etc. they could live anywhere near their food source. If you have a garden that has a lot of flowers and you are fond of outdoor parties then you should watch out for a yellow jacket.

Are these wasps harmful?

These wasps do help in cross pollination and eating up other insects, but they have a bad sting. Their sting could be very dangerous and at times fatal. The biggest problem with this wasp is that it is capable of making multiple stings at one go unlike a bee who can sing only once. If someone is allergic by nature and has been stung by this wasp then it could become fatal in a matter of minutes. In such a situation an EpiPen could be very useful and shall work as an SOS till further medical assistance.

What are the symptoms of allergic reaction?

Children under the age of 16 and elders should be provided with immediate medical assistance without waiting for any signs. Generally the signs could be allergic skin reactions, breathing problems, nausea, feeling faint and black out.

What are the measures to taken in case of a sting?

In account of a sting you must provide cold compress to the affected skin area and take an antihistamine like Benadryl. If you see allergic reactions then EpiPen is effective, but you must call for medical assistance immediately.

If there is no allergic reaction then you could just do with a cold compress and Benadryl. Delayed allergic reaction is not common in this case.

How to get rid of these wasps?

  • The most important thing to do to get rid of these wasps is keeping the house and its surroundings clean. Make sure that there is no litter or any food particles in the backyard or garden from an outdoor party.
  • Flowering plants are good but too many of them might attract these pests.
  • Sweet fragrances and bright colors also catch the attention of wasps.
  • Desiccating dust can be used to block underground and other hollow places where there is a yellow jacket nest, but make sure that you wear a face mask and gloves while using it since it is known to cause lung irritation.
  • Call professional pest control Pittsburgh to eliminate these dangerous pests and to keep your home safe.

Save Your Furniture By Killing Termites

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Termites are very harmful for your furniture because they both live and feed on the wood. You will be amazed to know that termites cause damage worth of $5 million every year in USA when they enter houses to set their colonies. Outdoor these pests are actually quite helpful, they help in consuming dead and rotting wood. These termites are very social and they have a great way of defending their nests. Firstly they build an extremely safe colony that is difficult for their natural enemies, ants, to penetrate, and secondly they have soldier termite that defends the colony with their lives. These termites have large mandibles that are strong enough to rip apart the ants. In times of an ant attack the soldier termite would defend the worker termites and the queen termite by killing the ants and also blocking any hole in the wall of their colony nest by sticking their head in the hole, even by losing their head in doing so.

Since termites are strong and difficult to get rid of, you should take great care of the furniture so that they are safe from any infestation. Here are some tips to save your furniture from these pests. If the Pest Control Pittsburgh you called cannot come to your home within the next couple of days, keep looking for another available professional.



  • To keep the termites away you must clean your furniture on a regular basis and make sure that they get sunlight. The furniture that worker and soldier termite attacks are generally the ones that are kept in the attic or basement and do not see sunlight.
  • Make sure that there are no unused wood piles around your house for these pests to build their home in them.
  • Seal all the gaps and holes in the structure of your house so that they do not find any easy access in.
  • Keeping your apartment dry is also a useful way of stopping a termite infestation.

Build a trap

Building a cardboard trap is effective to get rid of a termite attack. In spite of all the precaution if you are still facing an infestation then you could use a stack of wet cardboard as bait. Keep it near the furniture that has termites and wait for them to infest the cardboard. Once it is completely covered with termites you could take it away and burn it off.

Use Boric Acid

Boric acid is a commonly used as a great agent to kill termites. You could use it on the effected wood by coating it or spraying it on it. Once you use it regularly you will see carcasses of termites around the furniture. This is a process that needs to be repeated quite often to ensure complete elimination.

Termite killing products

You could use the termite killing and controlling products that are easily available in the market. Make sure that you read the instructions carefully before using them.

Pest control

Before the infestation gets so bad that you need to trash the entire furniture you should call a professional exterminator Pittsburgh to clear your house of termites.

Get Rid Of Grain Beetle

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Check out this article for more information on pest control Pittsburgh. Another name for grain beetle is saw-toothed beetle. These pests are very unhygienic and needs to be immediately eliminated upon being found. They feed on stored food items like grains, macaroni, candy, spices, dried fruits, bread, shelled nuts, flour, sugar, cereals etc. You will find these pests in your pantry, dry food containers and food packets. These beetles are so small that they can slip into loosely packed food packets as well.

The size of a saw-toothed beetle is about 3 mm long and they are dark brown or reddish brown in color. These pests are called saw-toothed because they have six saw like teeth. What makes these insects very unhygienic is that not only do they feed on food items, they live in food containers, lay their eggs there and the larvae grows and develops in the food container as well. The entire process of an egg growing into an adult beetle takes about 60 days. Generally an adult beetle lives for about 10 months, but they have a life span of 3 years.

Since these pests are harmful for health and reduces the food value of the infested food products you should try to get rid of these pests as soon as you find any sign of them in your kitchen or pantry. Here are the four steps that you could take to get rid of grain beetle.

Precautionary measures

The first step is to take precautionary measures that will help you to keep these pests at bay.

  • Improve your food storage system. Make sure that all the dry food items are stored in sealed packets and air tight containers. At times these pests make their way into sealed packets as well, so check very carefully before buying or storing any packet food item.
  • If you have old food item like flour or sugar stored in a container, do not add fresh flour or sugar along with the old one.
  • Make sure that the containers are clean and dry before storing food items.

Kill the beetles with heat

If you have discovered an infestation of saw-toothed beetle in your kitchen then you could use heat to kill these pests.

  • Spread the infested food item on the oven.
  • Heat the food item at 120 degrees for 2 hours to kill all the adults, eggs and larvae.

Kill the beetles by freezing

These pests could also be killed by freezing.

  • Freeze the infested food item at a temperature of lower than 5 degrees for at least 3 weeks.
  • Adult beetles could be killed in 3 days but the eggs are required to be frozen for at least 3 weeks to make sure that they are dead.

Call pest control

If you feel the grain beetle infestation is so much that you need to use pesticides to get rid of them then you must call professional exterminators to handle the situation. Since these pests feed and live on food items you must not take the risk of contaminating the food item by using insecticides, only a professional exterminator Pittsburgh would know the safest way of getting rid of a major saw-toothed beetle infestation.